Monday, December 5, 2011

Suddenly I Don't Feel So Alone

So I was reading a few of my favorite blogs when I came across the post below at Aiming Low.  It spoke volumes to me.  Having a birthday on Christmas eve is not ideal to say the least.  I have never had a party on my actual birthday because well everyone is busy doing Christmas crap.  Over the years I have come to terms with all of it, but not happily some years.  I especially love this article because it brings to light some of the offenses non-December birthdays commit against us.  My mom, dad, and husband have always been really good, but over the years there have been some major offenders.  After stumbling across this post I can now go about life knowing that I am not alone and that there is another person even more pissed off than me who wrote about it all and that makes everything alright!

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