Friday, December 9, 2011

Credit Where Credit is Due

The Nutrition Nazi and I sometimes disagree over things, shocking I know.  Once such dissension came from me a little over 3 years ago in Rome.  It was my first trip overseas and I was very trusting in my tour guide, for the most part.  He usually tries to find really cool non-tourist places to eat because the food is always better.  One such day he wanted to hit up a place he had read about that was allegedly close to the Vatican called Pizzarium.

These were the conditions on that day, cold and wet, as I smile for picture #987 standing over the Tiber river.  The Vatican is a ways off in the distance and we have to go past it to get to this place.  What you cannot see is that it is raining and that our pant legs are soaked from the knee down.  Good times.  By the way NN loves this picture.

So we stop and take in the Vatican and all the bajillion people waiting in the rain to get in.  It was very magical I must say, but we were on a mission to get some lunch so we trudged on our way.  After about 30 minutes and unbearable hunger I was getting ready to kick the Nutrition Nazi right back to America.  This place was a good 45 minutes past the Vatican in the middle of a neighborhood, so it was a sheer miracle we found it at all.

Food, at last.  It was truly authentic and amazingly delicious.  They actually cut the pizza with scissors because it is sold by the weight.  We did not get a picture of him, but the owner was this larger than life jovial Italian man.  I will never forget how all the kids were coming by after school to get a snack and he would come out of the back and play with them.  At the end of it all I was really glad I did not stage a mutiny and take a cab back to the hotel, like I was planning to do.

So why I am telling you this story you ask?  Last night I was watching a show called Layover with Anthony Bourdain and it was in Rome.  About half way through the program I see the larger than life pizza guy and the great pizza.  The shop has been over-hauled, but still the same food.  So let me give credit where credit is due to the Nutrition Nazi because clearly it is a worthy place.

Click on Pizzarium to see the clip from travel channel.

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