Monday, March 26, 2012

A Splash of Chaos

Last weekend we took the Team Leader to my parents' house.  Now she loves my in-laws for their love of all things deep-fried, but my mom is her most favorite person in the whole world.  She used to actually pee on the floor when my mom would come over.  Thank goodness that stopped!  Nowadays she is all about her grandma with the pool.  Ask her if she wants to go swimming and she will pace incessantly at the garage door.  She knows when we are within 10 minutes of my parents' house.  The following is what happens exactly 5 seconds after the front door is opened.

Larry (Sara-border collie), Curly (Team Leader), and Mo (Cash -Flat out goofy) wrestling over the same toy even though we have multiple water toys

Before I can even get the camera out the Team Leader has managed to jump in several times.  I think I may have mentioned her love for water a few times!

Even the bigun gets in on the action. 

She sure loves to fetch things in water.  It is all fun and games for the first 15 minutes, but the following 3 hours...not so much!  We've learned to work in shifts.

Sara NEVER gets in the water, but she is an excellent lifeguard!

Even the most dedicated lifeguard needs a break!

Once they are dry enough to come inside, they show off their skills...for cupcakes!

Time to hit the spa for rub-downs!  I like how they have their servants trained!  Sara is probably off making sure the cat does not escape the bedroom - good dog!

Hope you all have a good week filled with very little chaos!

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