Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Herding Cats

For a couple of weeks now I have been trying to get at least one good picture of Little Pope so that I can finally get his birth announcements ordered.  I have probably taken 100 shots and deleted 90 because trying to get a good picture of a baby is like herding cats.  Something inevitably does not work out.  Let me show you some of the deleted ones first.  

By the looks of this photo my frat sister Jennifer was right on with the not 'respecting my authoritah.'

Who wants to parade this nasty look around when trying to show off their new baby?  I have no idea how he learned these looks so early on.

Sleepy is also not the look we are going for, though it is how he spends most of his days.

Doing his best Italian know what I'm a sayin!  

One of my personal favorites...poop patrol in the middle of pictures.  For the record she was on to something, so she is now 2 for 2. 

Moving along to sweeter things.

Safe and sound in the Nutrition Nazi's arms.

Before we could grab the camera Little Pope had actually laid his head on top of hers!

I think I'll call him mini me.

So sweet.  Ok I might be a little biased.

Our little Houdini has a new trick to show you.  He is swaddled, but propped up (sitting up) against the couch cushions.  He is doing all this on his own.  If he could talk I bet he would say I -I -I -I workout.  The Nutrition Nazi is clearly excited that he is going to be a strong little boy!

Have a great week and an even better weekend!

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