Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Your 10:00 AM Appointment is Here Mr. Pope

Why all of sudden do I feel like my child's personal assistant?  I have heard stories about this happening to parents, but was hoping to put this off until he hit say kindergarten.  It seems now instead of shuttling to the hospital for feedings  that I run his appointment book of visitors.  He has been home for a little over a week now and has had more visitors in one week than we have in a year!

We made it through our first full week with Brady at home and there were many firsts along the way!

First accusation that I may or may not have done something with his hands.  It took a while, as you can see from the doubtful look, to convince him that the mitten cuffs were for his own benefit of keeping his hands warm, and that no I had not in fact done anything with his hands.

This week also brought Brady's first bath.  The Team Leader played the watchful big sister role very well!

To my surprise things started out well.

Then the screaming began.  I did not know that I could bathe him so fast!

Ahhh that's better!

First nap on daddy!

First pic with chubby cheeks! 

Did I mention the Team Leader and the Nutrition Nazi managed to get in some relaxation time?  Clearly the love affair between these two is still alive and well!

 First time to wear newborn-sized clothes because my 4 lb 15 oz baby outgrew the little preemie clothes  that were the only thing that previously fit.

First Eskimo kiss with mom!

So funny story about this car seat...the baby in the bassinet next to Brady projectile crapped on it while it was at the NICU.  Bailey's expression has probably only 1/10th of the shock that my face had when I heard this turn of events.  So let me back up, in order to come home Brady had to pass a car seat test where the nurse puts him in the car seat and watches his vitals for 90 minutes.  He actually did not pass the first time so they just set the empty car seat aside to try again the next day.  Apparently Brady's next door neighbor had other plans for it!

Luckily the hospital shared our shock and decided to buy us a new car seat, and gave us a loaner until the new one arrived.  They thought that the old one would probably be ok, but I likened it to someone else pooping on your clothes, then you wash them and put them back on - ewwww!  We decided to let them have the old one to use, once the fabric had been sanitized thoroughly.  Crazy story with a happy ending!  

Have a great rest of the week and don't take any crap from anyone!

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