Monday, August 6, 2012

Just who exactly is this Nutrition Nazi person?

Since I started my blog I have affectionately referred to my husband as the Nutrition Nazi or NN for short.  You can read about how he earned this nickname here.  Over the weekend he turned 40, so I decided this week we are going to learn about the Nutrition Nazi from the best possible source..himself, unedited, God help me!

Little Miss Fajita (LMF):  So Nutrition Nazi tell us a little about yourself.

Nutrition Nazi (NN):    I don't eat fried foods and I take the skin off chicken!  This is an obscure quote from the movie Point Break for those that don't remember. No really I have been an athlete most of my life which led me out of the corporate world and into the gym. Its been the most rewarding journey helping others to achieve their goals in fitness, golf and life! I'm also fortunate to be the husband to an amazing woman, and the father of the most beautiful boy in the world! I may be a little biased.

LMF:  How do you feel about turning the big 4-0?

NN:  It's just a number to me, but the occasional nagging injury says that I'm getting older than dirt.

LMF:  What exactly is it that you do when you leave at 4:15 every morning?

NN:  First off I'm a night owl so this is the biggest challenge of my job! I meet a couple of my ultra type A executives for 5 am workouts, and they pay me very well so off I go. I just hope that I remember to brush my teeth and not show up in my Calvins!

LMF:  Your wonderful wife recently gave you the best birthday present ever, would you care to tell us about her awesome gift giving skills?

NN:  My beautiful, sweet Capricorn queen of a wife gave me the gift I've wanted my whole life, but could not give myself...our beautiful baby boy!!!  Thanks sweet heart, I love you!

LMF:  Some people would argue that listing 'Still able to dunk a basketball at 40' as a special talent in your son's baby book is arrogant.  Do you agree?

NN:   Arrogant no, but if you said talented and exceptional I'd say YES! By the way, do you see the dance skills in the picture above! I just wish there was video...Crystal loves it!!

LMF:  Would you care to comment on the alleged rumor that 'I'm Sexy and I Know It' is your mantra?

NN: Pure rumor, perpetuated by my lovely wife! The first time she heard the song she said that is so your attitude. In fairness, I may get a bit mouthy now and then but it's all in fun.

LMF:  Tell us about your inner fat kid.

NN: I workout so that I can eat! First off, I love Crystal's desserts so when she makes cookies for instance I'll knock down 12 at a sitting! It's ridiculous. I also really love pizza so working out is critical to keep the inner fat kid on the inside! So for all my clients do as I say not as I do!!

LMF:  How do you feel about owning a half-poodle?

NN: Ok I did say that I'd never own anything half poodle, and it sounded good when I said it. If you know my wife though she is relentless when she sets her mind to something. Ultimately I bought her the Team Leader and have loved that puppy dog ever since!! She's my other little baby.

So there you have all the critical data that you need to know about the Nutrition Nazi!  Happy Birthday babe!  I hope your next 40 years are even better than the 1st 40!

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