Monday, July 11, 2011

Let there be light

Yes I know it is cheesy, but at least now I can finally see what the media room looks like inside.  As I mentioned last week, this post is full of what I consider major steps forward.  It will not be too much longer before we leave our cozy 12 by 12 cubicle that we share with the Team Leader, and my clothes and shoes.  Any takers on helping unpack????  There might be dessert involved, if we can find the baking stuff!  Have a great Monday!

More shiny new stuff for the formal dining room.

Check out the candy corn faux candle sticks in the chandelier.  I think I may have to find a fix for that.

Light fixtures for the Master Bath so that Nutrition Nazi can stand and admire himself.

Yay for the media room!!
It is starting to look like a kitchen.  Now I just need the motivation to cook something.

Granite close up since I know you can't really see in the pic above.  Giallo Ornamental is the name.

Redneck butler's pantry.

Crap!  Something living that we have to take care of.

Maybe this will help us not kill our landscaping.

These two might require a little more than a sprinkler system to keep them alive, though.

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