Thursday, July 7, 2011

Where We Stand

I would like to state for the record that I am not a patient person, which is why building a house is great in an economy like this one.  They are constantly trying to hustle to keep the process on schedule so that they can hold us hostage for the next 30 years with a mortgage and albeit a beautiful house. 

In the past week things have kept moving along, but not without issues, which are not unexpected, but still not tolerated well.  Did I mention I also do not have tolerance for incompetence, such as ordering the cabinet for my vanity at the wrong height, or not installing the 110 outlet for the wine fridge.  Clearly they missed the memo about who is top priority.  :)  

And since I have a need for instant gratification and because I am little late with this post, I can tell you all that the next house post will reveal major changes, so check back early next week.  Have a great weekend!

Ooooh shiny new paint to go with the coffee spiced cabinets.

The most used area of the house - the butler's pantry.
More shiny new paint.  Hopefully the handrail stain is coming soon.
Nifty new tile in the laundry room.  Like it to some degree, but somewhat indifferent.  I personally fault the design center for this selection since it does not really go with the wall color.

Like the tile in the master shower.  I could be partial, though, because it was my selection!

Guest bedroom bath, or the Cedric Suite bathroom depending on who you ask.
Thank goodness! Now you all have a sidewalk to use when visiting us in the country after turning off the paved road to get to where we are moving.

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