Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Disorganized Chaos

Life has been nothing short of chaos for the last couple of weeks.  We finally are starting to get a little more settled, and we have met several of our neighbors.  It is finally starting to feel somewhat like a home.  I had this plan that I was going to take some pics of the house now that it is a little more put together to prove that I wasn't really just camping out in the media room 24-7 watching movies and football and yelling for someone to get me another drink, but then our camera started acting up and my cleaned up spaces became not so clean.  So in the spirit of chaos here is what I have.

See what I mean - things started out so well, other than the picture is blurry as crap - sorry!  The family room is coming along nicely, from this angle.

I even got all inspired and put this table next to the fireplace.  Not sure if it is staying there, I mean we could always win the lottery and then I would simply have to help the economy by completely re-furnishing the house.  You never know....

We even bought a grill and the Nutrition Nazi got it all set-up.  At this point I am thinking we are in gold star heaven we are doing so well.

Then I am reminded of the 218 pictures that line my walls, similar to this, that still need homes, and heaven forbid the Nutrition Nazi to hang them.

And the piece de resistance is the crap that I am still refusing to deal with in my dining room.  What is really sad is that I only took pics of the areas that looked somewhat ok.  The really bad areas will never be seen.  I am hoping that while I am work one day someone will come over and finish it all, and I can truly fulfill my dream of sitting up in the media room hollering for NN to get me another drink.  Maybe one day.

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