Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Where We Were (Part 1)

Let me start by saying I have now had my picture taken by my husband approximately 832 times while we were on vacation.  Homeboy LOVES to take my picture, even after an 11 hour flight as  I tell him not to do it or he will be really sorry.  I really feel for any children we have.  Anyways I am guessing that you realized by now that we had the good fortune to visit Europe this year.  Unfortunately the little OCD gnomes did not sneak in and finish putting the house together while we were gone. Oh well.

So where exactly did we go in Europe you ask?   Well take a look at the photos below and enrich your European history.

I felt all Sherlock Holmes in this pic of Parliament in London.  (Can't wait for the second one to come out around Christmas!)  We got on an open-air double-decker bus tour and it was a lot of fun, until it started raining.

Did you know that Big Bend is actually the name of the bell in the tower, and not the name of the tower itself?

Ok I have to state for the record that NN took most of the pics.  This one in Amsterdam still puzzles me, though, because he is not a beer drinker.

The canals in Amsterdam are really pretty, and it was a beautiful fall day, unlike the summer temps here in Texas.  This was actually the view from our room.

And of course there was Paris!

So my crazy husband is somewhat obsessed with getting the perfect shot that he takes himself, and has sucked me in to his craziness.  I think I have about 10 more versions of this particular shot.

This little church was only a few blocks from our hotel.  In 2 more years the church will be celebrating its 850th Anniversary.

In the coming days I will have more pictures of places we went and the awesome food that we ate.

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