Thursday, October 6, 2011

First Monday Princess

The picture below is another reason why my posting has slacked lately.  We left 4 days after returning from Paris to go to First Monday in Canton.  Ordinarily I would not ever want to take the Team Leader to market, but as fate would have it she ended up with nasty ear infections in both ears from swimming at boarding while we were gone.  You would think they could at least dry her ears out for what we pay - UGH!  So she got to go with us.

So let me narrate the picture below.  It was Saturday morning and everyone was a little worn out from shopping the previous day, and also answering the forty bajillion questions about the dog.  People kept asking if she was a Labradoodle.  For the record she is a goldendoodle, which is another post in itself.
I digress.  Anyway the dog was exhausted as any spoiled sick child would be, so her Grandma (on the left) decided she needed to ride in the wagon.  Grandpa (my dad) is in the maroon shirt pulling the wagon, and NN is to the right giving her treats.  The only thing missing was her tiara.  And where was I you ask?  Well I was walking about 10 feet behind them listening to the comments from the other shoppers, and thinking maybe I should put a little more distance between us. 

I showed this pic to a few people, and one of them told me that she looked like a princess riding in her carriage.  And truly that is dead on for how the dog lives life everyday - spoiled absolutely rotten to the point of no return!  I'm so screwed!

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