Monday, October 10, 2011

House Update

It has been about a month since I last posted pics of the house, and sadly I am still having commitment issues with putting things up on the walls, so many of the paintings and photos are still leaning against the wall.  Maybe by Christmas I will have a plan.  The level of sheer chaos has definitely improved, and this time I have the pictures to prove it!  If you could have seen the chaos that was our house due to our crazy schedules, then you would believe that miracles do happen  I know I do.

The bed being completely made is definitely a miracle, let alone the blinds are open and there is something hanging over the bed.  Still debating the piece over the bed, though, and forever trying to keep muddy paw prints off my duvet....probably a losing battle.

I am still debating this piece over the fire place, but it is definitely growing on me.  Hopefully by next weekend the cabinet for the niche will be complete so that we can ship NN's TV stand from his college days back to the Riverhouse.  Slowly but surely we are getting there!

I am loving how clean it all looks, now if it would only stay that way!  Loving the dish towel too!

This room definitely needs a new rug for starters, but at least we aren't tripping over decorative items anymore and you can also eat at the table!

Again I can't believe how clean things are, and that the paintings along the wall may actually be hung there at some point, and not just dust-collectors.

The gameroom looks more put together now that we put some of NN's awards on the wall.  Maybe we should refer to it as the Nutrition Nazi room.

Where NN earns $1500 for the damn dog's collar.  ( Name that song)

NN gets all the credit for this one from start to finish.  He did a really good job!  As someone from work once said 'You don't look like you garden very much.'  They were right.  And I will not be for a LONG time because as I was working on this post NN called to tell me that the Team Leader found a garter snake in the back yard.  YUCK!

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