Monday, October 3, 2011

Where We Were and What We Ate

One of our favorite things about traveling is the food.  We definitely love to eat amazing food.  We started our journey in London and had an amazing dinner at a place called Polpo that was recommended to us by our waiter at lunch.  We had no idea we were going to one of the 'it' restaurants in SoHo.  However we did not plan well, so all I have is the blurry pic below taken by NN with his phone.  You will just have to take my word for it.

Hanging at the bar at Polpo.  We love Prosecco and they had their very own that they make, which makes them Awesome!

Another camera phone pic in Amsterdam.  These were really good pancakes with bacon and cheese in them. I don't think the picture shows exactly how gigantic these were.

NN, flashing his beautiful blue eyes, with gelato from Amorino.  I debated putting the close-up of what is supposed to be a flower made of ice cream on top of a cone, but decided the adult jokes that may come from the pic could be a little much.

Decisions, decisions!  All the macarons were so pretty!  Un Dimanche a Paris is similar to the Chocolate Bar.  I did buy some chocolate candy here, but ate it all before I could take a picture.  Again, you will just have to trust me.

Here we are at La Duree, a Parisian Tea Room.  This was our best meal in Paris!

I believe this was diced tomatoes with extremely fresh buffalo mozzarella, and all kinds of absolute deliciousness.  Thank goodness NN knows how to share!

I have pics of our entrees, but why waste time?  Let's just skip to the good part, dessert!  This is a mille-feuille, which I had been wanting to try the whole trip.  It is similar to a Napoleon, but a million times better.

NN had a cappuccino while he watched me eat dessert.  Just kidding! I shared...a few bites.

I think I should have sent it back since it was simply inedible.

So after we ate, we then went through the bakery part, and bought all kinds of macrons and desserts.  Their macarons were so good that we went back to buy more to bring home.  And the answer is 'No' there are none left and I only shared 3 or so with NN because no one wants a fat trainer.

Here is one of the larger macarons!  YUM!

Here we are at Maison Berthilon, which is the oldest ice cream shop in Paris.  From where we were sitting we had an amazing view of Notre Dame and the sunset.  Simply amazing!

Here is what we, yes I shared this time, ordered to eat.  I am not sure of the name, but it was well worth the 18 miles I had to walk the next day to work it off.

NN ordered some type of coffee drink that almost made me want to take up drinking coffee, almost.  Clearly he approved of it.

Our last afternoon in Paris we decided to have a picnic with bread, cheese, champagne and dessert, Parisian style, on the Seine River looking back toward Notre Dame.  A very nice French lady offered to take our picture because she said we must be celebrating something special and we should have a picture.  And indeed she was right, we celebrated the first anniversary of our legal ceremony while we were there, along with a truly amazing trip!

One thing I did learn about Paris and Parisians is that life is much more simpler.  They wear flat shoes and don't worry about vanity too much. I joked with the Nutrition Nazi that I was going to take up the Parisian diet when I got home because all the women were so damn thin.  On this diet pain du chocolate or croque monsier are perfectly acceptable for breakfast every day.  You then eat some form of simple lunch followed by an espresso in the afternoon. For dinner you have a glass or two of wine, smoke heavily, and pick at a few peanuts and olives.  I think I would take up smoking before I take up drinking espresso!

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