Monday, August 22, 2011

Life is not perfect...

We are getting ever so close to closing sometime next week, and moving over Labor Day.  Everyone cross your fingers and hope the stars and moon align for us!

I actually went to the big storage unit this weekend for the first time and visited all of our furniture because I missed it so much!  Just kidding!  We were looking for a couple of items we knew were easily accessible. 

On a funny note about moving, we were having dinner with a few of the Blair family members Saturday night, and Louise told us a funny story from their days of moving frequently because of work.  The story goes that one day they went to storage, like us, to find something, and her young son saw some of his toys, etc and all of their furniture sitting in the storage unit.  He looks up at her and asks 'Is this is our new home?'  Some days I share his sentiment about not knowing where we live. 

This weekend we also went to the house and finally got to see the appliances in all their glory.  Slowly, but surely...

MMPH - Makes me pretty happy!  I am ready to start baking!  I have no idea who the fingers at the top right belong to, though.

I changed things up and added another single oven along with the microwave so we have added capacity for baking more fattening desserts that violate all of the NN's core principles.

I never would have guessed how happy this would make me, but Time makes you bolder, Children get older, I am getting older too.  (Name that song!)

And another happiness of the weekend was my brother standing in my kitchen. Many people do not know that I have a brother because he is so quiet.  But every now and then he breaks out with something like the quote below when I married NN, and he makes me smile because the quiet facade is perfectly him.  He speaks only when he needs to say something of value.

Life is not perfect and neither are we, but all you can do is try your best, and life will do the same.

(Sorry for the blurriness of the pics.  I did not realize the camera was messing up until after I got home.)

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