Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rain Delay, Figuratively Speaking

We made it through the entire house building experience without any weather-related delays.  And then we began dealing with the world's slowest mortgage company.  So since we are not closing until next month even though the house has been complete for 2 weeks, and no I am in no way joking, here are some pics from this summer.

Captain Save-a-ho & NN hanging on the pier.  Fifty Cent is that you hanging out on the San Bernard?

The Team Leader finally got a backyard, and a yummy stick thanks to our temporary housing!

She also maintained her level of high maintenance.  Please note this is very typical for her to ride in NN's lap on the boat.

Daredevil Barbour girl.  This one has no fear and tried several different towables and the knee board.

Even Millie got in on the fun at the river.

The Barbour girls had so much fun that they started smack-talking NN, which is never a good idea.  Trust me I speak from experience.

We saw wildlife in the front yard of the house in New Braunfels where we stayed.

NN 'cooking' at the Salt Lick in Driftwood.  Reminds me of the Grist Mill, except the whole in the middle-of-nowhere thing.

After drinking too much salty river water and getting sick, this is the only swimming she is doing for the rest of the season.

The Team Leader learned to blend in with the furniture, by far her best achievement to date, I think. 

So if you are still reading this, thank you!  I promise I am going to put together more entertaining posts for the interim until we get closer to moving.  Email me with suggestions or recipes for new posts - littlemissfajita@yahoo.com.

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