Monday, August 1, 2011

Punch List

Why is it called a Punch List?  Is it because by the end of it all you really want to punch someone?  In any event we are finally down to all the little punch list items.  Also our inspector comes this week, so that should be enlightening.  Below are just a few of the wonderful items that need to be corrected.

Not sure why, but the AC drain line is clogged and creating havoc on the side of the house. 

This is one of my favorites....the granite in the kitchen which is the size of a bed has a score mark across it.  Not sure how they are going to correct that one. 

The cabinet looks fine at first glance, right?  Well numb nuts at the design center raised my vanity to the same giant height as the Nutrition Nazi's vanity.  I need a step stool to wash my hands. We are waiting for the new one to come in.

So I almost had a heart attack when I saw this.  I mean I know we have to be safe, but who wants a red smoke detector?  Then I was told it is a dust cover.  Ok..I over-reacted a little.

This complaint goes to the Nutrition Nazi.  These are our bushes in our backyard NOW.  However a few weeks ago he had the landscaping crew come back and rip out 30 holly bushes in the back because they hurt when you brush up against them. I can't believe they agreed to do it.  Great job NN!

The list could go on and on with all of the little crap that still remains, like the grading of the yard sucks, or the dead bush in the back, or the missing garage door opener, but we (ok really me) have to take a step back and remember that in less than a month it will all be done and we will no longer be roomies with the landlords.  Bailey will finally get to bark until her heart is content and not have to worry about waking up Grandma in the morning.

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