Thursday, August 11, 2011

Playing with Blue Tape

Earlier this week we, I use that term loosely, spent almost 4 hours combing through the house and looking for any tiny little imperfection.  Now for the record I normally win the Miss Attention to Detail award, but on walk-through day, the award went to NN and Cody the Construction Manager hands down. I was almost in tears watching them pain-stakingly go room by room looking at menutia that will not matter because I am not sure I am going to visit said rooms on a regular basis.  Here are some of the items that I have yet to show you because they were not done until now.

Just what every one needs....a working fireplace in August.

The blinds are finally in!  These are necessary in August, and to keep relatives out.

Yay for the non-giant-sized vanity.  I even got a nifty mirror to go with it.  You can't see the blue tape, but the plumber lost the drain stopper.  I am guessing there is some kind of black market for those types of items where top dollar is obtained, since it is ludicrous that it is missing for any other reason.

See the blue tape?  There are approximately 5,236 more pieces scattered on walls throughout the house.  I am only responsible for 5.

More blue tape = 4 hours of time I will never get back.
I wanted to crawl in the tub, and tell them to come get me when they were done.

So when are we moving in you ask?  That is a great question considering I heard that the final piece of the puzzle, the appliances, went in on Wednesday.  Blame our mortage company, who is making it impossible to schedule movers, cable, utilities, my sanity being restored, etc.  Poor planning and crappy work ethic should not be my problem, do you hear me Ashton Woods Mortgage Company?  As of right now my best guess is somewhere around the 26th of this month, hopefully.

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